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Youth and Democracy office is an institution for political youth education and the promotion of democracy. It aims to provide information on complex social issues and their intersections as well as political and societal structures. We create spaces for young people to discuss these questions on eye level. Young people are motivated to reflect on their own set of values and to evaluate decisions on this basis. Youth and Democracy office also serves as a contact point and idea hub for people who want to get active and start their own projects and initiatives.
The office is always a part of the Jugendring Dortmund team. We always coordinate our work and cooperate in many ways. In different projects we cooperate with our local youth welfare service, educational officers of our member organizations and other educational players in Dortmund and beyond.

We provide knowledge and other resources for young people who want to organise or further develop their projects and activities for a democratic and diverse society, against prejudices and discriminatory practices.

We work with many partners: For example, a workshop on conspiracy narratives has been developed in cooperation with a school, several events on democracy and opportunities to get involved have been carried out together with the Youth Employment Service. Together with Youth Embassy we have developed a simulation game on local governance and youth participation.

The office is primarily involved in political youth education. However, it is also active in adult education, for example in the qualification and support of employees and multipliers in youth work. Expertise can be provided on many different topics in the field of democracy promotion, either directly by the office or through our partners, external trainers and other experts.

Work area - Youth and Democracy

Johannes Schaffeldt

0231 – 477 56 11

Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 33-37
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