Currently, 30 Dortmund youth organizations join the Jugendring Dortmund. Qualified young people and adult group leaders work in these organizations on a voluntary basis.
With their daily work, activities, vacation camps and educational programs, the organizations reach countless children, adolescents and young adults and are therefore an indispensable part of Dortmund's children's and youth culture.

Our member organizations

  • Adventjugend – Youth of the Adventist Church
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelische Jugend – Organization of Protestant/Evangelical Youth Ministries
  • Alevitische Jugend – Alevi Youth Federation
  • Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend – Federation of Catholic Youth Organizations
  • Deutsche Beamtenbundjugend – Youth of the German Civil Service Federation
  • DGB-Jugend – Youth of the German Trade Union Confederation
  • Christengemeinschaft in Dortmund – Christian Community
  • Ferien-Füchse – Holidays for young people with and without disabilities
  • Jugendfeuerwehr – Young Fire Fighters
  • JugenDOrth – Youth of the Russian Orthodox Church
  • Jugendrotkreuz – Red Cross Youth
  • Junge Humanisten – Young Humanists
  • Karnevalsjugend – Carnival Youth Organisation
  • Kreisjugendwerk der AWO – Youth of the Worker’s Welfare Association
  • Naturfreundejugend – Young Naturefriends
  • Radfahrjugend im ADFC – Youth Cycling Association
  • Ring Deutscher Pfadfinderinnen- und Pfadfinderverbände – German Scout and Guides Federation
  • Deutsche Schreberjugend – Gardening Youth
  • Sozialistische Jugend Deutschlands / Die Falken – Socialist Falcon Movement
  • Sportjugend Dortmund – Youth of the Sports Federation
  • THW-Jugend – Youth of the Technical Relief Service
  • Train of Hope – refugee aid and migrant youth organization
  • Westfälisch-Jüdischer Jugendbund – Jewish Youth Federation