The Jugendring Dortmund is an association of 30 Dortmund-based youth organizations. Founded in 1946, it has a long and a changeful history. The represented youth organizations cover a wide range of topic areas and orientations, such as confessional groups, workers youth movement, voluntary relief and welfare organizations, sport clubs, cultural groups as well as Scouts and Guides.


The first task of the Jugendring is to preserve and promote diversity of the organizations represented in it, but also to strengthen our common interests. Our member organizations exchange ideas, come to common positions and represent them in public via the Jugendring Dortmund.

Our member organizations
Our topics are as diverse as our organisation is and ultimately as children and young people in Dortmund are. We take up young people's questions about the future and bring them to the public's attention. We demand social solutions from those responsible. In projects and campaigns, often in cooperation with the Youth Welfare Office of the City of Dortmund, with schools and other partners, we regularly try out new things and improve tried and tested ones.
Educational Programme
We are the lobby organization of young people in Dortmund and strong advocates for their matters. Whenever young people are concerned, we get involved. To this end, we sit on a wide variety of political committees, but we also always go wherever young people are in Dortmund.
The basis of our cooperation is mutual respect between our members, regardless of political, religious and ideological views and their origins. We are committed to freedom and democracy and advocate peaceful coexistence without prejudice.