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Like an embassy, the Jugendring’s youth embassy attempts to represent young peoples interests and concerns in political and administrational contexts. It is the main aim to strengthen their trust in the democratic system and make their voices heard in direct dialogue with political players.
The project “Youth exploring the City Hall” offers the opportunity to visit the place of municipal decision making but, beyond that, creates space for exchanging with local politicians. On a so-called “opinion wall”, which is situated in the City Hall, young people can write down their ideas, opinions and demands, so that local politicians can always see them.
Currently, the City Hall is under construction. Hence, alternative projects offer opportunities to explore local politics and exchange with their players such as a walk through the city center or a visit of district administrations.
The office is always a part of the Jugendring Dortmund team. We always coordinate our work and cooperate in many ways. In different projects we cooperate with our local youth welfare service, educational officers of our member organizations and other educational players in Dortmund and beyond.

Work area - Youth Embassy

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