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    The Ambassadors of Remembrance

    The Ambassadors of Remembrance are a group of young people who stand up for human rights, and fight against racism and antisemitism. As peer educators, they ...


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    Youth Embassy

    Like an embassy, the Jugendring’s youth embassy attempts to represent young peoples interests and concerns in political and administrational contexts. It is the main aim to strengthen their ...


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    Youth and Democracy

    Youth and Democracy office is an institution for political youth education and the promotion of democracy. It aims to provide information on complex social issues and their intersections as well as political and ...


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    Training for Youth Leaders

    The “JuLeiCa Coordination” qualifies youth leaders for their voluntary work in youth organizations. JuLeiCa stands for JugendLeiter*innen Card (Youth Leader Card) and is a nationwide recognized card certifying a basic qualification in the ...


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    Future needs Remembrance

    With educational programs, young people are encouraged and assisted on working on new concepts in the field of remembrance work (Erinnerungskultur). Critically analyzing historical backgrounds and ...


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    International Youth Work

    Since 2021, Jugendring Dortmund has been actively involved in and developing various projects on an international level. Our focus ...

The Jugendring Dortmund is an association of 30 Dortmund-based youth organizations. Founded in 1946, it has a long and a changeful history. The represented youth organizations cover a wide range of topic areas and orientations, such as confessional groups, workers youth movement, voluntary relief and welfare organizations, sport clubs, cultural groups as well as Scouts and Guides.


75 years of Jugendring Dortmund

A great family party in the Big Tipi together with many partners and great activities.